Pustulus of GWAR Series 2 Half Pint

Pustulus of GWAR Series 2 Half Pint

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Officially Licensed from GWAR.Net, Knuckleheadz is proud to partner with GWAR to bring you Series 2 of the GWAR Half Pints. 


Member of the Maximus Clan to take up the axe and fight in the name of GWAR.

NAME: Pustulus Maximus



HEIGHT: Tall enough

WEIGHT: Titanic

DISEASES CONTRACTED: All except childhood obesity and bird-flu

LIKES: Being unhappy, ripping guitar, making others miserable, anal

DISLIKES: Having a good time

FAVORITE PAST TIME: Killing for spite

HOBBIES: Hoarding guitars, drugs, alcohol, frequent masturbation, turning man against man, searching for the remains of the Ramones to add to his corpse-puppet band


WHEN I GET MAD I: Destroy everything within arms-reach in a blind rage

PHILOSOPHY: Why choose between dicks and cunts when everybody’s got an asshole?

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Stole rock and roll and brought it back to the Sulphur Barbarinian galaxy

GREATEST DEFEAT: Eventually those bands turned to Nu-metal.

LIFE GOALS: To be alone by making everything around me die.

QUOTE: “Fuck off”

All Half Pint figures have different attributes making size very but are all approximately 4 inches in height.

Figures come packaged in their own box.

Not shipped with protectors

Not guaranteed flawless boxes.

All packaged and handled with care. 


 This is a Pre Order Item. All GWAR Pre Order items expected to ship on or before December 15th, 2022.