JIZMAK of GWAR Half Pint

JIZMAK of GWAR Half Pint

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Officially Licensed from GWAR.Net Knuckleheadz is proud to partner with GWAR to bring you Series 1 of the GWAR Half Pints. 

Dog­headed JiZMak is the most obnoxious GWAR­rior and delights in the pounding of all things, including himself! Hails from The Wide Wide World of Sports.

NAME: JiZMak da Gusha


AGE: Old enough to wipe my own ass

HEIGHT: Almost tall

WEIGHT: Almost fat

EYE COLOR: Crimson

HOME PLANET: The Wide Wide World of Sports

HOBBIES: Clubbing, BBQ, cleavage, pretending

WHEN I GET MAD I…: Smash, beat, pound, crush, slam, and pass out. Much like the blackout of a violent drunk, upon awakening, I forget why I was mad.

QUOTE: “This interview is over!”


All Half Pint figures have different attributes making size very but are all approximately 4 inches in height.

Figures come packaged in their own box.

Not shipped with protectors

Not guaranteed flawless boxes.

All packaged and handled with care.