Balsac of GWAR Series 2 Half Pint

Balsac of GWAR Series 2 Half Pint

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Officially Licensed from GWAR.Net, Knuckleheadz is proud to partner with GWAR to bring you Series 2 of the GWAR Half Pints. 

The elder statesman of the group. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s not much! Oh yeah, and he plays guitar.

NAME: BälSäc

ALIAS: the Jaws ‘o Death


AGE: pi X 10 to the millionth power


HEIGHT: 22 1⁄2 hands

WEIGHT: 12 tons fully dressed; 98lbs soaking wet

EYE COLOR: I’m not sure if he has eyes

HOBBIES: Wine tasting, home distilling, contemplating suicide

ON DATES I LIKE TO…: Contemplate suicide

QUOTE: “I’m so very, very sorry.


All Half Pint figures have different attributes making size very but are all approximately 4 inches in height.

Figures come packaged in their own box.

Not shipped with protectors

Not guaranteed flawless boxes.

All packaged and handled with care. 

This is a Pre Order Item. All GWAR Pre Order items expected to ship on or before December 15th, 2022.